Monday, March 30, 2009

Lyrics to go / "Crookz"

Song: "Crookz"
This song is a dedication to a few of my influences in Hip-Hop , & I'm
urging all "Hip Hop Crooks" to give back what you took.

1st verse
Once upon a time not long ago/ late 19 eighty somethin had the panasonic
thumpin/ pumpin something you never heard before/ a World Premier for
the world to hear/ well eventually the world but initially the boro's/
where the 1st ones to witness this lyrical fitness/ @ its finest, the
frame of time between 87 & 89 encompassed raw rhymers/
Veterans that spat sicker than Alzeimers/ you little youngins take note
& pay Homage/ give honors to to BDK down to the 18th Letter (®) help you
bank this chedda/ the Koolest G retarded with the wordplay/ ya wrist
watch courtesy of Kris Parker/ Chuck & Ricky D , Run the Homie DMC/ true
definition of an E M C E E/

Chorus: (Honda cuts) Hip Hop Crook/ Give back what you took. (EPMD)

2nd verse
I miss the days of kool Dj Red Alert & Marley Marl on the mix/ going to
forty doo-wop to catch flix and take flicks/ I miss the days of pause
tapes way before the digital era/ us little young dudes were clever/
putting together pause tapes instrumentals Etc./ precise with the timing
though no room for error/ cause it'll mess up your timing & your
rhyming/ if you pause tape wasn't on time then, you were doomed forever/
I miss the days of roller skating Empire boulevard/ older bully type
cats pulling your card/ I Miss the late 70's blackout/ I was in an
apartment in the tub when the lights went out & niggas wilded out/ up &
down Utica Avenue Looting/ dice holders on the side blocks shooting/ I
miss the Labor Day parade I used to live on Union/ Troy & schenectady
had shortys checkin for me/ the parade used to hit my block before it
hit the park/ way you can ask Clark or Ms. J/ or Niecee if you don't
believe me/ & they'll tell you I aint a newjack @ this/ got 92 (1992)
rap's that's sick/ & I mean 92 literally not figuratively/ these younger
rappers can't figure me out/ I mean 92 literally not figuratively yall
younger rappers can't figure me out Problemz.

Chorus: (Honda Cut) Hip Hop Crook/ give back what you took (EPMD)

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  1. You´re an amazing storyteller.
    You´re so thourough with it, painting magnificent pictures with your lyrics.
    You should be on everyone´s Top 5 of greatest emcee to ever bless the mic rhymes galore..... Yea, Im It´s a classic!)- because you are one of the Greats.